Quadrant 2 clients range in size from large corporations such as Vector Limited and PBT, with hundreds of end users and complex technical and business needs, through to small-medium sized New Zealand based companies who have less than 20 users.

In all cases our clients can be assured of a professional engagement that treats each client uniquely, but at the same time leveraging many years of practical experiencing serving similar clients in the past.

Our success comes from recognising that the CRM solution we ultimately deliver will be as a result of a close working partnership with our clients. The partnership is a fusion of the specific business knowledge provided by our clients and the specific CRM knowledge that we provide. Together we make commitments and honour them.


PBT came to Quadrant 2 in need of a solution to better manage and co-ordinate their national sales team. We implemented a hosted Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution that includes:

    • Automated Proposal Generation
    • Sales Pipeline Management
    • Sales Team KPI Tracking
    • Integration with backend ERP Systems


The CRM system has enabled a centralised record of every customer and has streamlined and standardized the presentation of information both internally and externally. With CRM everyone knows what is expected of them and on a daily basis everyone is presented with a detailed view of exactly how they are tracking against expectation. CRM supports the ‘No Surprises’ policy that underpins the PBT culture.